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“Valerie Ebuwa (an extraordinary dancer)”
Graham Watts, Virgin Territory, Dancetabs 2016


“Ebuwa’s great energy and charisma really kick-started the performances.”
Blanka Douglas, Woman SRSLY, To Do List, 2018


“Valerie Ebuwa, performer/ writer, hosted the evening and speaking to a full house, introduced each performance in her ebullient, charismatic style”
Josephine Leask, Woman SRSLY, Dancetabs, 2018


“How much does authenticity matter? When you know someone is experiencing real joy dancing, does it make you feel better, the voiceover asks as Valerie Ebuwa rocks her body with grinning delight. It does!”
Lyndsey Winship, Placebo, The Guardian 2018


“Taking centre-stage, the luminous Valerie Ebuwa pops her hips and shoulders, undulating earthily to a bass-heavy beat. Pleasure seems spread across her skin as she ripples her spine and limbs, smiling warmly.”
Alexandra Gray, Placebo, Seeing Dance, 2018


“Valerie Ebuwa and Jose Tomas (both distinctly ebullient performers) segued into vampish unison”
Donald Hutera, I only Laugh to Keep from Weaping, The Place Blogs, 2019  


“However, one cast member in particular – Valerie Ebuwa – deserves a mention, as she blew me away by being extremely talented both vocally and physically.”
Lauren Russell, Smack That (A Conversation), Theatre Box, 2019


“Both the live performance of Virgin Territory and the film installation each stand on their own as incredibly effective and potent entities.”- Josephine Leask, Virgin Territory, Dancetabs 2019